• Video Editing – Apple Final Cut, Adobe Premiere
  • Motion Graphics – Adobe After Effects, Apple Motion
  • 3D Graphics – Autodesk 3D Studio Max, Blender
  • Producer, Editor, and Camera

Andrew McClary has been involved in video production for over 25 years. He opened his first studio, Graphic Alchemy Productions shortly after graduating from college to produce computer animation. He was one of the first animators to use 3D Studio and later Maya. After selling his studio to a large production company he has worked an art director and lead motion graphics artist for many other production companies.

Andrew McClary was the producer, director, cameraman, and editor for Car Show Television, a half hour television series that ran weekly in South Florida and 10 other markets. The show also had one of the first Roku television channels. Andrew and his partner Alex Berry produced 53 half hour episodes and numerous “webisodes” for the show before Andrew had to step down to care for his youngest son who was diagnosed with cancer in 2016. He tried to produce a few more episodes but taking care of his son became a full time job for the family. Besides co-hosting the show, Andrew was the designer for all of the shows graphics and animations including logo, show opens, and marketing materials. The show was produced with a run and gun news style with a small crew at live car events all over the country. After shooting the shows over the weekend with Alex, Andrew would spend the next 3 days editing together all the material for the show to air.

After Andrew’s teenage son Nicholas was diagnosed with cancer in 2016, the show was put on hold so that Andrew could care for his son.

Show Open and Teaser produced and edited in Final Cut and Adobe After Effects
Car Show Television Episode with Version 3 Show Open
Car Show Television Episode
Caring Like Nicholas Foundation – Long Form – Bone Marrow Donor Awareness Video
Caring Like Nicholas Foundation – Bone Marrow Donor Awareness Video