I first became interested in Master Plo while watching the Clone Wars series with my son. I loved the idea of being able to do a Jedi who wore a mask. But the character of Master Plo is also such a cool character. I began working on this build 2 years ago as a costume that I could wear while I was operating R2D2. My Death Trooper costume just didn’t have enough mobility or visibility to be able to operate R2. A good friend of mine had made me a great set of Jedi robes and the “turtle neck” type portion that Master Plo wears. I wanted the costume to match the Master Plo that was seen in the prequel movies. I found that Rubies had actually made a very good mask already that I could use as a base. While not screen accurate, it was very close and could be modified to make it much more accurate.

The costume was mostly complete in 2018 and I wore it when I took R2D2 to Joe Dimaggio Children’s Hospital where my son had received chemo. In October of that year I was asked to wear it again at Holtz Children’s Hospital in Miami on October 31st when my son was in the ICU fighting GVHD and seemed to be getting better. He loved Halloween so we thought we would bring some of it to him. Little would I know that he would lose his battle only 18 days later. I haven’t touched for a year after that and it just sat in storage.

With the pandemic going on an too much time at home I decided to revive the costume and finish it out for Jedi Legion approval.

Repainting and making changes to the Rubies mask.

The “tusks” on the Rubies mask were cut off and the whole mask repainted. As is, the Rubies mask is very pink and not screen accurate at all. The “tusks” were also not positioned properly. The other item that was wrong was the goggles in the mask. I used my 3D printer to print the proper grid for inside the goggles.

This is the unpainted mask with the new grid put into the eyes. The front “tusks” have also been trimmed to fit back closer to the face.

3 Finger gloves were also repainted at the same time to match Master Plo’s coloring and the mask.

The finished mask with the photo from the movie that I was using as a reference.

The Light Saber

I downloaded a nice model of Master Plo’s lightsaber by Brad Harris from Thingiverse. At the time I didn’t have a good quality 3D printer. Though it came out OK, I really wanted to have a high quality real metal saber for the costume. So I bought a very basic all aluminum light saber as a base and used my CNC machine to machine out the parts to make it look very close to Master Plo’s saber.

The 3D printed saber which was used as a model to work from.

Two sleeves are put over the existing saber in which rings are cut into them on a lathe. A series of rings are cut out on the CNC machine for the head of the saber.

To make the pommel of the saber a number of parts were cut out to make a shape similar to what the pommel looked like while also fitting into the existing saber with also not blocking the speaker. The pommel would also still have to be removable to get to the electronics if needed.

I had this cool chunk of clear blue plastic so I took a little bit of creative license and used it at the base. The gem actually locks all of the fins into place on the pommel.

The buttons on the saber were also modified to be closer to the light saber that Master Plo used. While not exact, it was about as close as I could get using the stock saber as a base.

The Talons

Master Plo wears a decorative talon on each hand. I modeled up the piece in Blender and exported it for 3D printing.

The Talon was modeled in Blender using the sculpting tools.

The Gauntlets

Though Master Plo’s gauntlets are never seen in the on screen movies, they are very distinctive in the clone wars. Since I would be moving in this costume probably a lot more than you see the character moving in the movies, I also wanted to use these gauntlets so that the four finger gloves would have a place to disappear at the wrist.

The gauntlets modeled in Fusion 360 to 3D print.

Submission Photos